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​Adoption Information

Adopting a dog always comes with a lot of questions.  We are happy to support you from the first meeting with your new best friend until you bring him home.  We promise to do all that we can to see that you share a happy life together.  

1.Finding the right dog for you

Our website and Facebook page offer the opportunity to view our dogs.  Through pictures and video documentation, you can get to know them better.

2. Getting to know
     your dog     

Our goal is to find our dogs the „forever homes“ they so deserve. For this reason, we give you the opportunity to spend time with a potential dog at our shelter.  Spending time with them in person is a good way to ensure the right “fit”.  If you don’t have the chance to visit us, we can also contact you via video-conferencing to get to know you better and provide the support you need before, during, and after adoption.

3. Pre-monitoring

We reserve the right to carry out preliminary adoption checks

​4. Nominal Fees

The nominal fee should not be considered part of the purchase price of your dog.  We strive to give the best possible care, and to find the best possible homes for our shelter dogs.  Here are some reasons why a minimum fee is required:

  • Ensures that no dog is used for breeding purposes

  • Ensures that adopted dogs find homes with responsible owners

  • Covers a portion of required medical costs

  • Ensures that the dog owner is financially ready to adopt

Our shelter dogs receive full required medical care, therefore our minimal fee for adoption is 400 CHF (excluding transport to adoptive country)

5. Adoption 

We ask that you fill in the Adoption Questionnaire in full.  This helps us to determine the best adoptive situation for both you and the dog.

6. Veterinary Care

All of our dogs go through a comprehensive veterinary check before they are transported to their forever homes.  This includes:


  • De-worming

  • External parasite treatment

  • Vaccinations including DHLPP (Distemper, Hepatisis, Leptospirosis, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus, and Rabies

  • Microchip

  • European Travel pass

  • Canine leishmaniasis (Mediterranean canine disease) test 

  • Comprehensive medical care if the dog is ill

  • Castration


For puppies and young dogs Spay or Castration will be performed in consultation with the adopter.  If a dog is too young for castration or spay at time of adoption, the adopter will be bound by a signed agreement to ensure spay/castration at a future date.

7. Transport

For shelter dogs, travel is not always easy.  For that reason, we work together with reputable transport companies to ensure the least amount of stress.  We ensure that the dogs are travel ready through kennel/crate training for their safety and security.  

  • Official dog transport is provided through Corda Viventis and Dogs on Road Animal Shuttle Service

  • Nueva-Vida members

  • Bus and/or air transport

  • Direct adoptions on site can travel home with you


​8. Follow-Up Visit

We believe that a follow-up visit to the new home is imperative.  We endeavour to provide the best fit possible for our dogs and for individual/family adopters therefore, we want to ensure that our dogs settle in well to their forever homes.  

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