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Our Services
  • Intake of stray and street dogs (often fear-stricken or traumatized)

  • Intake of puppies and litters

  • Care of neglected dogs

  • Medical care provision

  • The gift of time, patience and gentle care

  • Socialization

  • Building trust and reducing fear

  • Practicing daily routines for integration into a forever home

  • Regaining vitality and joy

  • Support throughout and following the adoption process

Our Ethics
A Safe Place

Our goal is not to do as many adoptions as possible, rather we focus on preparing new dogs well for a forever home.  We concentrate on finding a responsible owner - one who is also well-prepared to bring a dog into their lives.  We provide a caring shelter, good nutrition and medical needs, basic training, lots of play and lots of fun!  We have no more than 15 dogs in our care at one time, so we can give them our utmost attention.


Was wir tun, das tun wir seriös und mit voller Hingabe. Sauberkeit und Hygiene, ärztliche Kontrolle und Pflege, Einhaltung von Rechten und Pflichten sind für uns selbstverständlich.

​Heart and Soul

The dogs at our shelter learn what it is to be truly loved.  We adopt our dogs out only when we are certain that our love will be equalled or surpassed in their forever home.


Our dogs need time to find their way back to a normal life.  And some dogs need more precious time.  All of our dogs receive our maximum attention for as long as they need and for as long as it takes for them to feel self-secure and confident.

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