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Shelter Sponsorship

Our Dog Park will be finished construction in Winter 2018/2019.  For the care and time involved in preparing our dogs for adoption, our shelter concept includes the following structures:

Comfortable Kennels

Comfort and safety is paramount for the dogs at our shelter. Our 345 square foot kennel concept and structural plans include individual sleeping areas, as well as heating, air-conditioning, and soft, relaxing music for their utmost comfort.

Large enclosures

We provide 3 large free run areas spread over 1500m2 - this is where our dogs spend their days in safety and under our careful attention.

​Play Area

Play and socialization are key to a healthy and adoptable dog.  We provide 1400m2 of fields to play and frolic to their hearts content!

​Swimming Pond

Summers in the Costa Blanca can be very hot, so the dogs are provided a large swimming pond to swim, splash, and cool down.  

Care Centre

New arrivals are thoroughly checked and treated immediately for parasites or injuries.  Post-operative care is also provided in our care centre.  


Upon their arrival dogs are placed in quarantine until we are certain they are healthy.  Quarantine is of the utmost importance in preventing further spread of disease or parasites.

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