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Become a Member or a Sponsor

If you would like to support our important work through a membership or sponsorship, we would be deeply grateful.  Charitable donations over 100 CHF are tax refundable, and you will be provided with a tax receipt.  (donations made in Switzerland only) We will keep you updated on our progress and your name will appear on the recognition page of our website.  If you’d like your donation to remain anonymous, please indicate when you make your payment.  

„Circle of Friends“ Membership

A yearly membership allows us to offer dogs in need a secure environment in our loving care.  We call this membership our “Circle of Friends”.


Individual membership:    300.00 CHF annually

Corporate membership: 1000.00 CHF annually

​Sponsor a Dog

Would you like to sponsor a dog?  Becoming a sponsor helps our dogs get the best care possible when they arrive and during their stay at our shelter.  


Sponsorship for 1 month - 50 CHF 

​Shade Tree Sponsorship

Would you like to sponsor a shade tree in our dog park?  

Shade is very important for our dogs in Spain where the temperatures can soar.  Your sponsorship of a planted tree will allow for its care and ensure it provides shade and a place for dogs to stay cool, for years to come.

Shade tree sponsorship - Annual 100 CHF

​Kennel Sponsorship

Would you like to sponsor a kennel?

Your donation would provide each new dog arriving in the shelter with everything they need to keep them comfortable, secure, and happy during their stay.

Kennel sponsorship: Annual 1800 CHF

Valid after January 2019

I would like to register for:

Member-/Sponsorship via contact form.

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