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Camino a una nueva Vida – the organization

On November 26, 2017, we established our organization to rescue and aid Spanish street dogs.  With our volunteer experience at shelters, Jasmin and Christoph are building a shelter.  The focus lies mainly on dogs with fear issues, or emotionally/physically stressed dogs and abandoned puppies.  

Our Function:

  • Medical support and care of ill/diseased dogs

  • Reducing fear and trust-building training

  • Support in adoption process

  • Assistance & information for “first-dog” owners

  • Manage the medical care centre

  • Proactive collaboration with other organizations, and neuter/spay programs

Jasmin Bieri 
Foundress and Chairwoman
Christoph Bieri
Founder and Vicepresident
Sylvia Holzer
Organization Switzerland, Fundraising and Marketing
Barbara Egli
Mentoring, creative activities Switzerland
Mario Dobler
Pre- and Follow-Up Visit
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