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Who we are and what motivates us

When we got married, our original plan was to have a family of our own.  Unfortunately, our wish was not to come true.  For 6 years we struggled through operations, setbacks, grief, disappointment and frustration trying to start a family.  During this time, Christoph was also extremely busy with his business and it started to wear us both down.  We realized it was time to take a different direction in life!

Jasmin and Christoph Bieri

with Nubia and Fayo

Why Animal Welfare?

We often asked ourselves what the meaning of life was.  When we travelled to Spain for a respite, and there we found the answer.  Suddenly, everything became clear and we realized that our future was caring for stray and abandoned dogs.  We wanted to do something that was meaningful and that made us feel complete.  We recognized that we have so much love to give, that we couldn’t invest in our own family, so we choose to invest in our love in animals.

Unfortunate Destiny

In 2014, we spent time in Spain volunteering with APAD (Asociacion Protectora de Animales de Denia).  It was heart-breaking to see how many dogs were in need.  Left tied and abandoned, thrown out of moving cars, left on the street in boxes...these were the horrors we saw there.  We couldn’t get these thoughts out of our minds, and as we volunteered at the APAD, we saw that love, time, and patience can heal all wounds.  We watched dogs blossom through play, exercise, attention, socialization, and patience.

«Fayo», our Shelter Ambassador

We adopted Fayo from the APAD during our volunteer time.  We worked with him intensively, watched him blossom, and now his loveable character keeps us inspired. Fayo is our shelter Ambassador, and he shows us daily that what we do matters. 

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